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You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your materials are returned to a paper mill for recycling.
Georgia Data Shred bases cost on the amount of shredding.
Careful processes and deep expertise mean security, privacy, and compliance.

Anything sensitive can go into our bins, including paper, binders, microfilms or paperclips. You do not need to sort or separate any materials. We have made every effort to list as many as possible, but know we overlooked some as there are many to mention.
If your company retains any of the following, you need Data Shredding Services.
Accounts Payable and Receivable
Acquisition Strategies
Advertising Misprints
Bank Information
Bidding Strategies
Blue Prints
Building and Computer Access Codes
Cancelled or Blank Checks
Classified Documents
Company Expansion and Reduction Plans     
Computer Printouts
Confidential Correspondence and Memos
Credit Card Information
Customer Lists
Employee Evaluations
Employment Applications
Financial Records
Income Tax Records
Insurance Coverage Records
Inventory Lists
Investment Information
Legal Papers & Documents
Magnetic Media Tapes & Disks
Maps & Blueprints
Market Studies
Medical Records
Meeting Minutes
Microfilm & Fiche
New Product Proposals
Patent Application Material
Payroll Records
Personal Bills and Financial Statements
Personnel Files
Plastic Credit Cards & I.D. Cards
Pricing Strategies
Price Lists
Research & Development Reports
Seismic Data & Maps
Sensitive and Confidential Memos
Social Security Numbers
Telephone Card Numbers