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You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your materials are returned to a paper mill for recycling.
Pricing & Services:  
Georgia Data Shred bases cost on the amount of shredding.
Careful processes and deep expertise mean security, privacy, and compliance.
SB 475, signed into law in May 2002 and effective on July 1, amended Title 10 of the Official Code of Georgia. It reads "A business may not
discard records containing personal information unless it shreds, erases or modifies the customer's record before discarding it". Businesses failing to do so are subject to a fine of up to $10,000.

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You've heard about shredding. You understand that it's probably a good idea to shred any receipts that have your credit card numbers...
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In honor of Consumer Protection Week, police officers and government agencies are urging consumers and companies to "shred it."
Your personal information is important in every aspect of your life.